Saturday, February 27, 2010

Snelling Road Race

Race Report: Snelling Road Race
Womens 1,2
Teammates: Maura Kinsella
Place: Lauren – DNF, Maura – DNF

First road race of the season and we started in a mud pit. Literally. We started out carrying our bikes through the swamp back and forth to the road but eventually gave it up. The weather cleared up a bit for our afternoon wave but standing water remained throughout the course. Tibco brought almost their entire team, which made up a third of the preregistered women. About 45 women started for a total of 5 laps.

The neutral rollout was edgy and almost as soon as the moto took off the attacks began. Tibco had split into two “teams” and were going off the front in pairs. The field thinned out pretty quickly which left fewer places to hide. The tailwind section was very fast and was probably where most people were getting shelled. Unfortunately, at the beginning of the second lap Maura had a mechanical in this section and could not catch the group again despite her efforts.

The first three laps were all the same. Tibco attacked and kept the pace high. A few breaks formed but were caught and several times single riders got off for a few minutes. There were very few moments of real rest. On the first leg of the fourth lap the peloton kind of took a breather and then the fun really started. I was on the right side of the peloton on the edge of the road. The last thing I saw was a girl come from the middle of the pack straight out to the right. Next thing I new I was face down sliding through a big, dirty puddle (ok, really it was a pond). Luckily I escaped unbroken with some scrapes and golf ball for an elbow. The things I was probably most upset about were losing my glasses to the pond and tearing up my brand new arm warmers. Needless to say my race was over. While the day did not go quite as planned, it was good to get out racing again.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Berkeley Hills TTT Race Report

Berkeley Hills TTT Race Report
Place: 3rd, Women's 1/2

Lauren and I ventured to Berkeley to compete in our first real TTT together. Unfortunately, neither of us was feeling too hot after a long, brutal Training Camp. While warming up, I could tell that I wasn’t going to be able to bring much to the table with a perceived exertion much higher than normal and legs feeling like concrete-jello.

Before the start, we kept telling ourselves that we were going to push really hard only on the second half. But… I was on my new, beautiful Leopard TT bike and got excited, jumping ahead, and completely throwing off any rhythm. Throughout the race, we quickly realized that as little legs as I had, Lauren had even less (which never happens).

We wound up finishing third out of four teams in the Women’s 1,2… which was clearly all due to our huge disadvantage of not wearing TT helmets!

Next time we’ll have our rhythm so BEWARE.



Sunday, February 7, 2010

Cherry Pie 2/7

Race Report: Cherry Pie Criterium
2/7/10 2:10pm
Women’s Pro 1,2,3/35+
Teammates: Maura Kinsella, Lindsay Meyers (Webcor Builders)
Place: Lauren – 2/35, Maura – 11/35, Lindsay - 9/35

It was like the weather knew this was the first race of the year. We had a bright, sunny day with temperatures in the high 50’s. Perfect racing conditions. There was a slight head wind on the second half of the course. We arrived VERY early and watched Coach Dan kick butt in the 45+ Masters race. We warmed up in the sunshine and then headed to the start, leg-warmerless and arm-warmerless, showing off our winter white legs.

We started with about 35 women (plus some masters). The first lap was relatively uneventful as everyone checked out the course. Then the fun started. Tibco came with four riders and spent most of the race attacking the field, trying to get off in pairs. While there were several groups that could have put some time into the field, nothing stuck. I made every effort to follow all attacks that included Tibco or any other rider that I knew could hold off the field. A little over half-way through the race, a Specialized rider made a great attack and immediately gapped the field considerably. Tibco let her dangle out there but I knew if anyone could stay out in the wind it was her so Lindsay and I tried to jump start a chase. Several times, Tibco tried to bridge but either myself or another rider were all over it. Eventually the attacks were enough to close the gap and we brought her back. Then there was 5 to go and I was sure there would be a bunch kick for the finish.

Tibco set up on the front with three to go and I was close behind. A crash around the 180 turn at the top of the hill with one to go put a small gap in the field. I crossed it and got back into position with Lindsay’s help. We made the last two turns and the final leg of the lead-out took off. I watched Brooke and as soon as she launched I did as well. Unfortunately, I didn’t maintain as good a position as I should have and had to sprint around the lead-out rider. Brooked maintained a 5 bike length gap on me and took first. I crossed in second the sound of the announcer saying, “...some Webcor jersey”. Even though I was gassed I let out a laugh. That’s my secret code name from now on... “some Webcor jersey”. It was a fun race (with an even more fun prize) and great to see fellow women in green (and Sport Velo red). I’m looking forward to a great season!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

2010 Webcor Alto Velo Bridge Team p/b SportVelo

In its drive to support elite level women’s racing, the Alto Velo Racing Club is proud to present the Webcor Alto Velo Bridge Team presented by SportVelo for the second straight year. The “Bridge Team”, as it is called by those close to the program, was set up to help young women riders interested in progressing from regional-level races to races on the US National Racing Calendar (NRC.)

The inaugural year was extremely successful by any program’s standards, with outstanding performances from all riders. The team capped a successful season with several end-of-season wins, including the Berkeley Criterium, Colavita Criterium, Spring Hill Road Race, and a third place podium spot at the U23 National Criterium Championships. In addition to strong individual performances, the “Bridge Team” was 5th overall in the NCNCA Women’s Elite 1/2 Best Area Team competition.

For 2010 the team has a mix of new and returning riders on the roster. Lauren Hecht (23 Menlo Park, Ca) is returning in her 4th year on Webcor Alto Velo. Lauren will be riding in Europe this spring and return to the US to improve upon her 3rd place Criterium finish at the 2009 U23 Nationals.

Santa Clara Freshman Maura Kinsella (19 Webster, MO) is joining the team to race her first year in the senior ranks. Maura is an accomplished junior with outstanding results from 2009 US Junior National Championship which include a 3rd in the criterium, 5th in the time trial, and 6th in the road race. In addition to her strong performance at nationals, Maura had several wins and podiums in the Elite 3/4 and junior ranks while racing in Missouri.

Ange McClure (19, Adelaide, AUS) will be joining the team in the spring from Australia where she is an aspiring pro cyclist and full time student. The Bridge Team is excited for Ange to join the team as the first “international” member to participate in the program. Ange is finishing up the summer racing season in Australia and turned in an impressive performance at Australian U23 nationals 5th place finish in the RR

The “Bridge” program is funded by Webcor Alto Velo and SportVelo, which are committed to helping women riders of all abilities develop their racing skills. A major focus of the Bridge Team is to enable riders advancing through USA Cycling categories to participate, race and train with the Bridge Team once they upgrade to Elite 3 racing category. This program is open to all women club members, who are encouraged to contact the Team Director (Dan Smith - ) to learn more about coaching and racing opportunities. The Bridge Team continues to recruit Elite level riders interested in joining a focused program that offers race and travel subsidies to qualified team members.