Sunday, May 30, 2010

Mt Hamilton RR

Race Report: Mt. Hamilton Road Race

W 1,2,3
Teammates: Ange McClure (or McCline according to the results on USAC), Maura Kinsella, Haley Juno-Galdes (our newest team member)
Placings: Ange (20th), Lauren (23rd), Maura (26th), Haley (34th)

Where to begin. We were all newbies to this race. In fact, we were all new to the climb. We all converged upon the race course by separate means and had somewhat of a giggly warm up. All of us were nervous and a little unsure of and daunted by what was to come. As we rolled around more and more pros appeared until we lined up and realized that despite the small size of the field, it was stacked. Peanut Butter had two riders, Tibco had a few riders, not to mention the local climbers that showed up to probably the most climby local race of the year.

After the somewhat frightening pre-race announcements (including instructions on how to ride around/near an airlift emergency situation) we set off behind the first female moto ref I have ever seen. We hit the climb and immediately strong riders hit the front and started with a good tempo. I was feeling pretty good and keeping an eye on all my teammates. About ten minutes into the climb Alli Starnes made the first attack for Tibco. At this point I was sitting in fine but knew that I could not sustain the effort that her attack required. I drifted to the back with the intention of monitoring my effort and holding on until the attack subsided.

Unfortunately that plan did not work out. I found myself in a small group about 50 meters off the back of the peloton. The group included Maura, which I was grateful for. We could see the group for about another 10 minutes until they reached the plateau bit when they gained speed and disappeared. This left myself, Maura, and another unattached rider to chase. We picked up two more girls and put our heads down for the rest of the long climb. About five miles from the top the grade steepens and two of the riders took off leaving three of us behind.

After cresting and descending our group became five again and began rotating through. We had had our share of protein swallowing the swarming flies for the last few miles and now we wished for the next feed zone more than ever. Eventually we reached the second feed zone and I was more excited to have that cold water than I have ever been before. Unfortunately I was too focused on the water and as soon as we crested the next climb I had my bottle out not knowing that we descended immediately into three sharp turns. I couldn’t manage the speed and the bottle so I had to ditch it and was waterless for the next 30 miles.

The descent to the finish was made exciting by the group of masters men who swarmed us. They were intent upon attacking each other down the whole descent making it difficult for our groups to stay separate. Eventually after some cat and mouse between our groups they took off down the last bit of windy descent until we caught them at 1km to go. Our groups actually sprinted together and I managed to sprint past everyone and get out of the mayhem. It was a very long day and most of us were just happy to be finished. At least now we can all say we have done the epic Mt. Hamilton Road Race!


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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Tour of California Sacramento Crit

Tour of California Sacramento Crit
Teammate: Lauren, Kinsey and myself.

“The new sensation Coryn Rivera” a 17 year-old, did not fail to disappoint on the at the Sacramento Crit two weekends ago. The four corner course with long straights made it a massive drag race for the whole peloton. Girls went off the front throughout the race; however, it was only for a short time before the pack swept them up, the course was echoing sprinters finish! That said in the last few laps there were some very close corners, and tight squeezes for girls fighting for position, if the sprinters wanted a win they would certainly have to work for it! Indeed Rivera took the final sprint, with Modesta from Colivatia 2nd and Webcor’s Professional Team member Jolle taking 3rd.

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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Cat's Hill

Cat's Hill Race Report from Lauren on the Bridge Team
Race Report: Cat’s Hill Criterium
Category: W1,2,3
Place: 2nd/34
Teammates: Maura Kinsella (mechanical), Lindsay Meyers (9th)

After some overly complicated logistical preparation Lindsay, Maura and I met up on the road and made our way to Los Gatos for the infamous Cat’s Hill Crit. I have been looking forward to this race since last year when I had shifting complications on the hill and had to chase back on to finish 4th (ironically enough, by barely getting beat in the sprint for 3rd). This year would be different, or so I told myself.

We were about 10 minutes late to start but the race director told us we would race the 60 minutes as planned. And so we were off...

The race was rather uneventful. There were several cash primes, which were swept up by some Tibco riders and a few other ambitious souls. Some attacks went but were quickly reeled in. Unfortunately, Maura, being new to the hill, had the common chain-drop mechanical and ended up having to chase for two laps to get back on. I waited patiently for the laps to wear on everyone as they always do. Unfortunately, the lap cards came much sooner than expected and after only 42 minutes of racing we saw one to go. I was sitting about 4th wheel into the hill where Jazzy (Third Pillar) attacked. I hesitated just for a moment thinking that one of the two riders in front of me would surely react. When no one went I launched myself over the top and SLOWLY inched my way up to Jazzy’s wheel, only really catching it as we made the right hand turn down the hill. As we hit the last turn, Jazzy gapped me as I shifted for the sprint and had some technical difficulties (still unsure what they were). I sprinted my butt off but ran out of real estate and crossed the line a fraction of a rim behind her, with a spectacularly rambunctious bike throw. It was an awesome move by Jazzy and great to be able to go with it.

Thanks for reading! And special thanks to all those cheering on the hill!